Friday, 16 March 2012

ALLOTMENT 1st Plot Holders Meeting

Thursday 15th March was the first official Plot Holders Meeting at mac birmingham.  All of the ALLOTMENT plot holders came to mac as all 8 original plot holders plots were full for the first time!

Plot #7 Next Generation, curated by Cody Barbour, was up!

The second installation by plot #6 BCU MA Curators...

...and then their third.

Plot #8 Sparrow + Castice's clock

Plot Holders Meeting - soup was served in Plot #1 TROVE Milk, Two Sugar's cups

 Plot #4 Elly Clarke / Clarke Gallery gave one-to-one viewings of works available to buy through her plot

Plot #5 mac staffers talking to invited guests in front of their ever growing plot, plus book case.

Plot #2 Dan Auluk did an hour long live blind drawing performance during the first meet.

Also plot holders #9 & #10 were announced - congratulation to Helen Foot and Dialogue.
More details coming soon!

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