Saturday, 31 March 2012

Arts & Business Cultural Champion Awards

Thursday was the Arts and Business Cultural Champions Award Ceremony.  I was very excited to attend as both TROVE and Aedas Presents' nominations had been selected to receive the award. 

Leaving the best till last, Neville Topping, Director of Elias Topping and gentleman behind the success of TROVE as he is the one who gave us the keys to the Engine Room of the Old Science and Industry Museum, which has been our home for almost 2 and a half years.
And Marcus Wilkins, Director of Aedas West Midlands, who initiated Aedas Presents and got Kate Eagle and I involved in a project, just 18 months old.

My statement about Neville

Nev and Marcus - our cultural champions!

Nev going to receive his award

Marcus' turn to take the stage 

Marcus and Kate, Aedas Presents 


Neville and me! 

The two teams, plus Kate's date for the evening, her dad.

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