Saturday, 24 March 2012

IRMINSUL at Perrott's Folly Preview

Last night was the launch of IRMINSUL: YOU ARE LOST at the beautiful Perrott's Folly.  Firstly, the building is amazing, and the little rooms each have their own amazing character.  This exhibition was very sympathetic to the site and some aspects, namely Jordan's, Underwood's and Soul-Grays, were beautiful.

There was a different female artist on each floor, with each responding to their spaces.

On the ground floor, Alexis Soul-Gray beautiful paintings

In the stairwells,  Fiona Eastwood

Second floor, Hannah Turner-Duffin & Gaetan Sigonney 

Third floor, Alex Carr's aluminium prints of ice taken through a macro lens

My essay contribution in a window

Fourth floor, Elizabeth Jordan's magical light projection

Fifth floor, Caroline Underwood
Underwood's star constellations painted onto the windows

Sixth floor, Eleanor Pearce - I loved how the owl's complemented the peeling paint

and at the top of the stairwell another piece by Fiona Eastwood.


  1. What an amazing place! I feel very privileged to have been able to exhibit my work at Perrott's Folly. Thanks for coming to the opening of IRMINSUL: YOU ARE LOST

  2. What an amazing use for old space. Fantastic work!!