Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TROVE second ALLOTMENT install

Today was the second of four ALLOTMENT Plot install days for TROVE.

Here's the TROVE team, working hard, in the Shed.
Here's the blurb about the second show:

Kate Spence has designed the second TROVE cabinet; its door, a silhouetted woman, is inspired by the peep show.  The peep holes, through which the interior of the cabinet can be viewed, are placed on parts of the body that represent knowledge, nurturing, creation and birth, but also pleasure, mystery, the unknown, as well as points of entry and exit. The audience is free to explore and discover her interior world through all of these points.  
Artists within Spence’s cabinet include LizHingley, Bharti Parmar and Helen Snell.
Two pieces, by WillKendrick, are being added to the first/Sophie Bancroft designed TROVE cabinet.

And here are images of the install.
Kate's cabinet arrives...
The cabinet is installed by Silas. 
Will Kendrick arrives with his work, me and my assistant, Lauren, help unpack his pieces. 
 Everything in situ.
Will Kendrick's pieces in Sophie Bancroft's cabinet.

A closer look through Kate Spence's cabinet peep holes reveals...

Objects from Liz Hingley's 'Objects of Heavenly Trade' collection
A locket entitled 'Mizpah' by Bharti Parmar 
And two beautiful laser cut pieces by Helen Snell.

Finally, here's Bharti looking at her piece in the cabinet.

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