Saturday, 28 April 2012

4 art events on a Friday in Brum: 2 - ARTicle

The current exhibition at ARTicle Gallery, which can be found at Margaret St, School of Art, BIAD, is by this years AA2A artists, Nikki Pugh, Trevor Pitt, Gene George Earle and Adam Smythe.  Entitled And miles to go before I go sleep ... this group show has two highlights for me courtesy of Nikki and Trevor.

Nikki's 'Possibility probes' - these rolled up sensors map out journeys that people undertook during the opening day of the exhibition with Nikki.  They now just sit upright or lay while clicking and popping at seemingly random intervals.

Trevor's sound booth plays a 70's Bowie-esque record, which has been made from bits of old cassette tape recordings of songs by Trevor himself, compiled in his bedroom when he was a teenager.

Gene-George accompanying wall text to his film

Adam Smythe's monitor & film piece.

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