Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Clarke Griffiths Levine Birmingham Artist Residency

Clarke Griffiths Levine are excited to announce their first artist in residence in Birmingham, UK.

Congratulations to Vishwa Shroff

A London based visual artists, Shroff will return to Birmingham for the first time in 9 years, since she gained her MA at Margaret Street, BIAD, in 2003. Shroff's work centres on drawings of ordinary objects.  These illustrations are prompted by conversations and dialogues developed during journeys, explorations and tours of cities, spaces and places.  The mundane subjects selected by Shroff act as triggers for stories.  For Shroff they specifically 'echo adverts, literature, fable, films, music, proverbs; absolutely anything that [Shroff has] heard or seen.'  The final large scale illustrations act as sets and installations rather than simple 2D drawings; we are the characters in Shroff's imagined environments, but we are encouraged to create our own stories within them. 

Clarke Griffiths Levine are excited to invite Shroff to Birmingham and to offer her time to develop a new narrative.  With the help of various Brummie's, Shroff intends to use her time in Birmingham to look at the city, through her eyes and others.  In her own words:

'Observations of the public may greatly differ from the assumed naivety with which I choose to see the world around, but it is not until I get time to spend with these people that I ... gain a deeper understanding of the method with which such observations and relations are made.'

Vishwa Shroff will be in residence in Birmingham from 7th May - 1st June 2012.

This month-long residency based in central Birmingham is designed to offer a period of research and reflection for artists and to introduce them to the thriving art scene in England’s second city. 
Clarke Griffiths Levine bring over 21 years of combined experience of working within the arts. Each has set up and run successful gallery ventures and worked with artists from all visual arts backgrounds, at all career stages from all around the world. Clarke Griffiths Levine have joined forces to promote Birmingham arts, locally and internationally, combining their individual specialities and experiences to be a weighty force in the UK art market.

For more information on the project, residency, curators or artist please contact Clarke Griffiths Levine: clarkegriffithslevine@gmail.com

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