Monday, 28 May 2012

Tim Shaw at Riflemaker

Last week I popped into the amazing Riflemaker Gallery, Soho, London.  This building is incredible, and has some lovely link's to TROVE/Birmingham, as it was the home to John Wilke's rifle maker's. John was one of the son's of the biggest gun manufacturer in the UK, the Wilke's, who were from and mostly manufactured in Birmingham.

On show at Riflemaker was Tim Shaw, his work, a combination of cute with a side of dark, and intense dramatic poses made this gallery feel more sweeny tod than contemporary art.

Here's the blurb:

Tim Shaw

Monday 23 April - Saturday 2 June

The sculptor Tim Shaw (b. Belfast 1964) is best known for his installation Casting A Dark Democracy depicting the horror of the Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad. Upon entering an unprepossessing house in Hammersmith, visitors found themselves confronted by the shock of an all too real simulation of the terror cell, an image made familiar by constant press usage - one of the signature images of the war.

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