Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Time Stood Still in the Shadows

Kate Spence's first solo show, Time Stood Still in the Shadows, opened last night at Artrix, Bromsgrove.  This was the first time I had ever visited the venue and I was pleasantly surprised, however, I think I enjoyed my first visit there so much due to the careful and considered curation behind Spence's show.  From large glossy movie poster type images, that you can view clearly from the entrance space, up to the first floor where time literally stands still via a frozen egg timer, to the top floor of a series of smaller black and white photographs of Spence's silhouette mysteriously dancing.

Each aspect of this show has a strong filmic quality, helped along by the evocative and thoughtful text (words taken from a poem of the same name as the show) that punctuates and highlights certain images and makes this three floor exhibition make sense, from moody portraits to top floor ritual, this exhibition by Spence feels like a complete story.  And I wanted to steal one of the top floor photographs - they were just beautiful.

Ground floor

First floor

Second / top floor 

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