Friday, 18 May 2012

Vishwa Shroff Work in Progress Presentation

Vishwa Shroff Work in Progress Presentation

1st June 2012 6-8pm
Newhall Sqaure
Off 144 Newhall Street, Birmingham

Vishwa Shroff is the inaugural Clarke Griffiths Levine Birmingham Artist in Residence. 

For May 2012 Vishwa has been located in Birmingham and making new work about the city. 

Having previously lived in Birmingham 9 years ago for her MA Fine Art year at Margaret Street, Vishwa has been rediscovering the city, getting lost in all its new builds and being inspired by the new stories she has been creating on her walks.

During her time in Birmingham, and through regular meetings with Clarke Griffiths Levine, Vishwa has quickly developed new ideas and made new pieces of work.  As a result, Clarke Griffiths Levine are inviting Vishwa to present her works in progress at TROVE at the end of this month.

Clarke Griffiths Levine invite you to join Vishwa Shroff at TROVE on 1st June to see Vishwa’s work in development and make your own stories up about the city.

Clarke Griffiths Levine are Elly Clarke (Clarke Gallery), Caitlin Griffiths (LambWhite) and Charlie Levine (TROVE).

Clarke Griffiths Levine bring over 21 years of combined experience of working within the arts. Each has set up and run successful gallery ventures and worked with artists from all visual arts backgrounds, at all career stages from all around the world. Clarke Griffiths Levine have joined forces to promote Birmingham arts, locally and internationally, combining together their individual specialities and experiences to be a weighty force in the UK art market.

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