Monday, 21 May 2012

Wings of Desire in Brum

Last week Victoria Square was home to a dance production based on the film Wings of Desire.  Here's the blurb and some pictures.
Wings of Desire - Starring: Goldie // 2Faced Dance Company // CIRCA // seeper
A love story bridging heaven and earth will unfold before your eyes in this outdoor spectacle, featuring the most amazing transformation of a Birmingham building ever seen.
Angels gather on rooftops as the whole of Victoria Square comes alive with jaw-dropping circus acrobatics and exhilarating dance.
Music resounds and surprises come from all corners as the intensity builds to the ultimate finale moment – a sequence of glorious technicolour projections, bathing the beautifully-restored Town Hall in magical moving imagery.
Australia’s world famous Circa meets Britain’s urban hot ticket2Faced Dance Company in this dramatic and awe-inspiring production, starring internationally-renowned film and TV starGoldie and featuring interactive performance experts seeper.

There were actual 'angels' on roof tops!
Amazing aerialist in between Town Hall pillars.

And the highlight? When the Town Hall blew up and then re-made itself via amazing projected graphics by seeper.

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