Monday, 11 June 2012

BCU BA Fine Art 2012 - Charlie's Choice

This evening was the launch of the 2012 BCU Margaret Street BA Fine Art final show.  

Everyday this week one member of the TROVE team will be highlighting their favourite/one to watch. First up is me, Charlie Levine, Director of TROVE, and my choice - Lindsay Booker.

Lindsay presented two large ink drawings alongside a fairly large flat box with a peep hole, the size of a letter box, inside which was an alien looking terrain.  I really liked the drawings, a style that I have seen come out of Margaret Street for the past couple of years, but this time it felt more organic, it felt like they represented nothing of the present (as past students) but more of the future.  This was emphasised further by the clinical white box, a sample perhaps from another land?

Having since been on Lindsay's website and having discovered that her work is about 'the natural processes through which planet earth evolves, specifically tectonic movements and related forces which shape the landscape and influence human behaviour', my opinions slightly changed, and I have begun to see a more earthy nature than my first impression of an imagined or distant world. Although Lindsay goes on to say in her personal statement that her work echo's natures agression, I disagree.  The work presented in her final degree show is soft, and very feminine (felt even more through the fact her work was seen amongst a room full of only female artists).  I liked this small selection of works a lot, and would have one of the ink drawings on my wall, you could stare at it for hours and discover new worlds within in upon every stare.  

Lindsay Booker - Charlie Levine from TROVEs 'one to watch'.

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