Friday, 15 June 2012

BCU BA Fine Art 2012 - Dan's Choice

Finally for Friday is our in-house doodler, Daniel Salisbury and his 'one(s) to watch'.

So here is my one(s) to watch.

The quality of the work this year is, in the finish, amazing.

Really crisp and clean with alot of the work. It doesnt look so much a degree show but an actual gallery show.
Some works are to be desired but only one or two. I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality of some peoples work like Scott Chedzoy's pieces in the ARTicle space, books that have had their covers removed and altered into a new "bookshelf" removing their covers takes away from the kind of pretention that owning alot of books comes with. The classics, the obscure, the art book, the fiction, the factual, all made into one. Knowledge presented without snobbery.

The work of Dane Bridgman stands in its own catergory as quitely yelling. His work has a grusome, dark, internet humour with its colour palette very board and well suited to each indvidual print. Its almost like his brain has been connected to broadband with his reference to internet memes.

Niall Singh, I personally enjoy the free newspaper that can be found on his 'A' board with a projection on a crassly made billboard. A punk billboard. the projection, hard to see due to the light, but the audio rings true. My favourite piece in the installation being the large flag that hangs on the wall. I have always loved Niall Singhs signage, seeing previous work. I also know he is personally pro-active and driven to produce more work which is poltically charged and for the masses. Also something to be noted is the collective M.S.F.A.C which has been formed in Margaret Steet by Niall Singh, Amy Wallis and Mathew Springer.

But the pieces that really worked for me were:

Mint and Lavendar
They are simply brillant design and the general aesthetic of them were great. The quality of the finish was flawless. The reason why I thought they were great was down to the fact the pieces produce a smell of mint/lavendar that follows you round the whole of the space and draws you into the object which subtly does so as I was confused on where the smell was originally coming from until looking into the object, you cannot help but take it in, unless you stop breathing.

My main one to watch:
Jack Branscomb

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