Thursday, 14 June 2012

BCU BA Fine Art 2012 - Kate's Choice

Today TROVE's Kate Spence selects Denise Brighton as her 'one to watch' from the BCU BA Fine Art final show.

It has been difficult picking my one to watch from the Margaret Street BA show as there are a few that I love equally for completely different reasons. I would clearly be rubbish on a judging panel. In an "ip dip dog s**t" style of picking between my favourites I have landed on Denise Brighton. Denise showed a film of (presumably) her dancing in a seventies style leotard with three abstract paintings. Her movements reflected the geometric shapes on the paintings, all angular and appearing quite static in places. The deadpan style of her dancing and the clear visibility of the people puppeting the paintings (although they were wearing head to toe black to blend with the background) gave this work a fabulous comedy value but the choreography still looked great aesthetically and was very cleverly thought out. On looking at her website I didn't see much that was similar to this piece however she does have a background in dance and painting and states that she has been looking to show how different disciplines do not live apart from each other. I would definitely like to see her evolve her work from the point she has reached on the BA course. Looking at her older work Denise has clearly pushed herself to really explore the possibilities of her combined interests of dance and painting to reach the stage she is at now. I found this work refreshing and can see great scope in more performative pieces from her.

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