Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BCU BA Fine Art 2012 - Lauren's Choice

Today TROVE's Curatorial Trainee, Lauren Cookson, selects her 'one to watch' from the BCU BA Fine Art final show.

Abigail Jessup- Neary "Merangues"

Not only did this piece dominate the basement space with it's effortless illumination; but the innocence  of the text, "She had lights in her hair" was another factor in making this fashionable, current and avoiding the dreaded 'try hard'.

Neon sign lighting, some could say, has been 'over done' successfully by many artists and also unsuccessfully. There is something about the initial sighting of it- that preempts to other artists and references, that can ordinarily act as an instant attraction or repellent. Yet, somehow the piece as a sculpture had an ethereal quality, but minus the halo and without Tinkerbell flying around above it. 

Ethereal is defined as:
  1. Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
  2. Heavenly or spiritual: "ethereal, otherworldly visions."
I refer to the word sculpture purely as the metal frame work, was the support and hanging mechanism for the piece, but also- the making of it. There was nothing 'clumpy' about this piece despite it's shy, yet contradictory overwhelming presence in the room. The creation of
the falling support system was the catalyst to exhibiting "delicate and  light in a way that seems too perfect for this world." 

The stitching represented a memory lost, and the discipline in each stitch to recapture it, to elude and once again preempt the viewer to "otherworldly visions" of their own.

Without a doubt my one to watch. 

Lauren Cookson.

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