Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vishwa Shroff Work in Progress

 Vishwa Shroff: Work in Progress Presentation
1st June 2012 6-8pm
Newhall Sqaure, off 144 Newhall Street, Birmingham

Vishwa Shroff is the inaugural Clarke Griffiths Levine Birmingham Artist in Residence during May 2012. 

Having previously lived in Birmingham - 9 years ago for her MA Fine Art year at Margaret Street - Vishwa has been rediscovering the city, getting lost in all its new builds and being inspired by the new stories she has been creating on her walks.

Vishwa’s work in progress presentation extends this rediscovery to the audience; allowing them to make their own stories. By setting the scene via her life size suspended drawings, we can create our own narratives

Vishwa has also recreated Margaret Street, School of Art’s floor in chalk upon sections of TROVE’s floor.  The audience are able to walk over the floor, making the chalk dust eventually degrade and disappear, remaining only as part of our memories.

In Vishwa's own words:

I walk about, everything is familiar and yet I am lost, as if I had never seen it before. The familiarity allows me to locate my self but I remain disoriented, absorbing these somewhat new surroundings. A window here, a door there, I know this place. I used to eat my lunch on those steps and walked this route everyday. The fountain has a nickname and I know what it is. But just there was the sandwich shop and its gone now, replaced by something I know from somewhere else. The blue circular window catches my eye, I wonder if I have seen it before or is it the blue of the tiles that catch my attention? I am lost in this conscious game of memory and discovery. I keep walking, and as one day blurs into the next, so does this game. By the end of two weeks, I am not sure anymore of what is a memory from a long time ago and what it is I just found yesterday.

A disjointed landscape appears from these sightings and it is within these that I continue to play. Resembling a dollhouse, that game where many small pieces can be rearranged to make stories. The stories are different for everyone, and I wonder if a drawn landscape has the capacity to evoke memory for those who walk through it

Clarke Griffiths Levine are: 
Elly Clarke, Caitlin Griffiths and Charlie Levine

Clarke Griffiths Levine bring over 21 years of combined experience of working within the arts. Clarke Griffiths Levine have joined forces to promote Birmingham arts, locally and internationally, combining together their individual specialities and experiences to be a weighty force in the UK art market.

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