Thursday, 26 July 2012

[S T A T E] Of Disrepair

[S T A T E] is a monthly live art/performance programme at The Vaults in Birmingham run by Abigail Duffty.  This second event, hosted this evening, was entitled [S T A T E] Of Disrepair and here's the blurb >

[ S T A T E ] in association with Collective Unconscious present an evening of intimate encounters for one person at a time. Over the course of the evening Collective Unconscious will present a series of pieces that explore the role of the performer and their role as a servant to the audience and the performance itself. These pieces will be scary, they will be fun, they will be challenging, they will be sexy.

And here are the performances>

an amazing piece by Kate Spence, she was covered in chocolate and invited you to 'lick her.' This piece was really provocative.

And the other performances by the Collective Unconscious

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ALLOTMENT In Conversation

Last night mac birmingham hosted an In Conversation evening between Trevor Pitt and all the ALLOTMENT plot holders.  Below are some images from the evening with live tweet clips from the event, courtesy of Sophie Bancroft.  Any images seen above speakers heads were requested by Trevor and myself - it had to be an image that shows what inspired the speaker to curate, or think about curating.

First up Trevor introduces the evening and its extension from Anticurate

Next up the Steering Group of the project made up of (L-R) Charlie Levine, Daniel Whitehouse & Craig Ashley.

First plot holder up, Janette Bushell for Plot #3 Moonbeams 

Next, Plot #9 Helen Foot 

Third up was Plot #2 holder, Dan Auluk

Just before the break, Plot #3 Clarke Gallery / Elly Clarke 

After the break the In Conversation kicked off with Ikon Youth Group / Next Generation

Followed by TROVEs Daniel Salisbury reading an apology from Sparrow+Castice

Next up, Lauren Cookson and I talked about TROVEs #1 plot

Next Plot #10 Dialogue's Myfanwy Johns and Graham Chorlton 

Last but not least, BCU MA Curators and Plot #6, Mona Casey and Sonya Russell Saunders

Monday, 16 July 2012


ALLOTMENT at mac birmingham is now in its fourth and final rotation.  Here are the plots as we find them in the home straight. ALLOTMENT finishes 9th September 2012. 

Plot #1 TROVE
 Plot #2 Dan Auluk
 Plot #3 Moonbeams
 Plot #4 Clarke Gallery 
  Plot #5 mac staff / Marie Prestleton
  Plot #6 BCU MA Curators
 Plot #7 Next Generation
  Plot #9 Helen Foot
 Plot #10 Dialogue 
 Plot #1 TROVEs 4th and final installment

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Warwick Bar Summer Fete

Yesterday was the Warwick Bar Summer Fete, hosted at Edible Eastside and Minerva Works in Digbeth.  Here are some pics from the day...

TROVE were guests of Edible Eastside and Hedge Enquiry, we presented Karen Mc Lean's Post Colonial - Now shack.

Ben Waddington hosted tours of the 'block' - he took groups on walks of the canal's that run around Edible Eastside.

Dan, Ben and Soph looking cool in the sunshine.

Curzon Street Station and Edible Eastside on a broken map on the canal, our two TROVE Digbeth based project venues.

The amazing Curzon Street Station looking glorious in the sunshine!! TROVEs home for October 2011.

Back on the canal, Karen's shack as seen from the other side.

Ikon's slow boat, moored at Minerva Works.

End of the tour and back at Edible Eastside, we bought apricot and rum jam.

The shack going down a treat, especially with kids.

Minerva Work's part of the fete.

Horse Woman performance by Martina Vermorel.

Current exhibition, The Possibility of an Island,  at Grand Union.