Thursday, 26 July 2012

[S T A T E] Of Disrepair

[S T A T E] is a monthly live art/performance programme at The Vaults in Birmingham run by Abigail Duffty.  This second event, hosted this evening, was entitled [S T A T E] Of Disrepair and here's the blurb >

[ S T A T E ] in association with Collective Unconscious present an evening of intimate encounters for one person at a time. Over the course of the evening Collective Unconscious will present a series of pieces that explore the role of the performer and their role as a servant to the audience and the performance itself. These pieces will be scary, they will be fun, they will be challenging, they will be sexy.

And here are the performances>

an amazing piece by Kate Spence, she was covered in chocolate and invited you to 'lick her.' This piece was really provocative.

And the other performances by the Collective Unconscious

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