Friday, 31 August 2012

We Make 6

Last night was the first exhibition launch by new Birmingham art collective, We Make 6.  Made up of current 3rd year BA Fine Art students from Margaret Street the show felt exciting, young and fun.  The show was held at The Wig, a former gentlemans club and boxing ring, and the spaces odd features and warehouse style entrance lent themselves to this exhibition feeling gritty and current.

Here's the blurb >

Introductory exhibition of emerging art collective We Make 6.

We Make 6 are excited to be taking over the Wig Studios for the whole of August. See what new work they have made through collaboration and responding to the space at private view Thursday 30th August 6pm-9pm. The exhibition will then be open 12-4pm from 31st August - 1st September.

Please email for more information and directions.

And here are some pics from the show >
Rebecca Randle

Luke Horton

Loved this rotating piece by Anna Horton! 

Highlight of the show for me was this wool/string piece by Amy Kirkham  

interactive piece by Frazer Price

Anna Horton

And finally the amazing James Gill, who is having a solo show at TROVE this September, Soley a Shape.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sally Payen

One of the current shows at Wolverhampton Art Gallery is by amazing West Midlands painter, Sally Payen.  These pieces are a continuation of her riot paintings and illustrations, some of her previous riot pieces were shown at TROVE a couple of years ago.   I love Sally's work and her new pieces just show how much her paintings are developing.  Here's the blurb >
In August 2011 the streets of Wolverhampton erupted into violence and disorder.
Sally Payen has been commissioned to respond to the events of last summer through paintings and drawings using CCTV, newspaper images and social media as source material.
Her previous work has touched on the subject of anarchy and unrest and gives a fascinating insight into the way that people behave in crowds.

And here are some pics from the show >

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Joint Stock

Joint Stock 

Upstairs at The Old Joint Stock Pub (Theatre Level – 2nd Floor)

Launch 12th September 6pm till late
Open 13th September – 6th November 2012.

4:3 (Lamb White)
The Postcard (Charlie Levine) 

Clarke Griffiths Levine catalyse a new commercial art market in Birmingham.

Joint Stock highlights three different approaches of the curators. Elly Clarke is the founding director of Clarke Gallery in Berlin and has curated exhibitions in Germany, the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.  Caitlin Griffiths, director of Lamb White Ltd, was the youngest Artistic Director of Hereford Photography Festival and has worked with artists including Bill Viola, Vanessa Winship and Wang Qingsong. And finally Charlie Levine, founder of TROVE, has been selected as one of Saatchi’s top 100 international curators and named as the Guardian’s One to Watch.
For Joint Stock, Clarke Griffiths Levine present: BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND / (Clarke Gallery) - single edition framed works by artists from Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Melbourne and Singapore; 4:(Lamb White) - a series of commissioned works by artists scaled for the small screen, also available as digital editions and The Postcard (Charlie Levine), highlighting the work of exciting young artists from the Birmingham art scene and beyond.

It would be great to see you at the launch on the 12th from 6pm till 9pm. The show runs until the 6th November 2012.  All work is for sale.

The theatre level is open 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am-3.30pm Saturday; on performance nights it is open 9.30am until 15 minutes after performance finishes.

For more information please visit our website.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ono and Weiwei

This Summer at the Serpentine gets a couple of big hitters - Yoko Ono and Ai Weiwei.

Weiwei has teamed up with architects Herzdog & de Meuron to produce this years summer pavilion.  It was a mix between an archeological site, soft play ground and underground lair. I loved it!

And in the gallery - Yoko Ono's retrospective 'To the light' was as expected, images and films of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, minimal sweet/dreamy text pieces and lots of white.

Friday, 24 August 2012

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts part 1

----------the whole is greater than the sum of its parts---------- is curator Sonya Russell-Saunders' final MA project.  This week saw part 1 of this final project, located at The Vaults, while part 2 will be shown next week alongside the MA Visual Artists final show.  
Here's the blurb >

An exploration of human behaviours, roles and rules within an art exhibition.
Situated in a white cube gallery and an offsite subterranean location at different times you the participant are invited to compare and contrast your experience.
Through live art, film projection and participatory practices you are encouraged to break free of your complacency when entering the place known as “the gallery”
At certain times “the gallery” may be quiet, at other times loud, there may be remnants of past activity or something suggestive of future events
Through a series of controlled spaces the viewer is invited to remain alert, to see, listen, think and experience
Featuring the work of
Martin Bardell, Abigail Duffty, Kate Spence, Elena Cassidy-Smith, Ole Hagen and The Hoo-Ha Initiative
curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders

I loved the location of Part 1, underneath The Vaults, this space was enchanting and lent itself perfectly to performance.   My highlight hands down was Kate Spence's intimiate dance/performance piece.  It was funny, sad, uncomfortable and sexy - brilliant! 
Here are some pictures from the evening.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Short film about Solely a Shape

Here's a little video made by Daniel Salisbury about TROVE's September 7th exhibition by James Gill.

Solely a Shape, James Gill at TROVE

Solely a Shape
James Gill
7th September 2010 6-8pm
Open by appointment until 21st September 2012
TROVE, Newhall Square, Off Newhall Street, Birmingham

West Midlands based artist James Gill is presenting a new body of work at TROVE this September in an exhibition entitled Solely a Shape.

Solely a Shape’s reading starts beyond the official form and function of the objects on display.  The pieces, found in a reclamation yard, reveal a secondary secret function, achieved only be looking at the item as solely a shape, to uncover their hidden personalities.

Gill says “The content of the show is dictated heavily by the individual objects new found identity. This is then enhanced by the fabrication of other objects and materials and the combination of them all in this exhibition.”

Gill’s reimagining of these once functional objects includes using existing furnishing and on-site finds at TROVE to finish his ‘set’.  This unique installation creates a scene that audiences look upon, creating their own narratives and exploring ideas of the secondary function of unused objects.

Monday, 20 August 2012

In Conversation with Karen McLean

Last weekend TROVE and Hedge Enquiry hosted an talk by Karen Mc Lean about her work currently at Edible Eastisde and in TROVE's plot at mac birmingham.

The talk was incredibly insightful and I think really introduced Karen and the concepts within her work thoroughly, especially regarding the placement of her 'shack' Post Colonial-Now at an allotment site.
Here are some pictures from the event, as well as some of the wallpaper, now installed in the shack, that's also at mac birmingham.

 Some amazing homemade traditional Caribbean food courtesy of Karen and Cathy.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Malmo and Helsinki Summer 2012

Finally I took a day trip to Malmo, Sweden and popped to Helsinki with Life in Flashback for Flow Festival.  Here are my highlights of the contemporary art bits I saw in those cities.

First in Malmo >

Linn Fernstrom's painting

Gunnel Wahlstrand's drawing

The prison portraits from Malmo Prison, the earliest dating back to 1859.  These photographs were often the only ones these prisoners ever had taken of themselves - and reminded us of Sheldon Nadelman's Terminal Bar portraits we showed at TROVE in 2010.

Irving Penn photographs at Moderna Museet Malmo

Propo Prop - a days worth of electronic sound pieces from all over the world.

Niki de Saint Phalle - this was amazing work! 

Next at Helsinki's Kiasma >

Hannele Rantala's 'Visitor Book' - visitors are invited to press their hands against the marble, eventually wearing a hand shape into the stone.

Loved this installation by Katja Tukiainen 'Paradis k (Kidnap)' 2012

Jiri Geller

Sebastian Errazuriz's 'Complete (Duchamp Series)' was very funny, as was all his work.

The Idiots (Golsteijn & Bakker) 'Fake Evolution I' 2007 

And finally Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich's 'Testing Sci-fi Hot Tub' 2006. 

Louisiana Summer 2012

Louisiana is a little town north of Copenhagen. Life in Flashback and I took a train there after the advice of a friend.  He said it had a brilliant contemporary art gallery with a great sculpture garden and amazing views of the sea - and he was right!

The exhibition we saw in particular was Pink Caviar.  Here's the blurb >
Fifty+ artists take over the South Wing and part of the underground Graphics Wing with more than 150 works of new international art. The extensive exhibition adds a long list of new names to the Louisiana collection – names that are not yet familiar to the general public but which in time will be. The exhibition offers a diversity of works and genres, from small drawings to imposing sculp­tures, from photography to installation, from painting to video. But first and foremost it sends a signal about what Louisiana wants to show with a collection which in the future perspective will be more and more interesting to bring into play from hanging to hanging

And here are my highlights from the show.

The brilliant Sophie Calle.

Allen Ruppersberg's 'Big Trouble' 2010

Love Andreas Eriksson, I first saw him last year at the Venice Biennale and here his worked looked just as good.

Sigurdur Gudmundsson's two pieces were very funny! First was 'Conversation' 1970-71..
...second was 'Earth, water' 1974.

Luckily for me there were several pieces by Hans Peter Feldman, LiFB and I particularly loved his '100 Years' photographic work.

Elmgreen and Dragset once again didn't disappoint with their 'Powerless Structure, Fig. 11' 1997 - a diving board for the sea, un-useable due to the pane of glass cutting the board in half.

Yayoi Kusama 'Gleaming Lights of the Soul' 2008 installtion.

A couple of pieces by Simon Evans, again these were very funny.

Then we had a meander into the Sculpture Garden and Lake Garden and this is some of what we saw.

Alexander Calder

Max Ernst

The amazing Janet Cardiff! This time just a sound piece, she was by far my standout artist from my Summer 2012 holiday.  Her walking tour sound piece took us to some hidden/private places in the grounds, I loved this work.

Then in the sculpture garden there were several small sheds/houses/spaces all designed by artists.