Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Documenta 13 - Day 2 highlights

Day 2 at Documenta 13 and these are my top picks >

The absolutely amazing Janet Cardiff, this time with George Bures Miller, 'After Bahnhof Video Walk' 2012

All of Rabih Mroue's work was incredibly captivating.

Film by Willie Doherty.

Haris Epaminonda and Daniel Gustav Cramer.
Great film installation in a great location by Gerard Byrne.

Paul Chan's 'Volumes - incompletset' 2012, a series of paintings on hard back book covers.

Literally a song and dance piece in the dark - a performance organised by Tino Sahgel, this was brilliant

Some beautiful paintings by Francis Alys.

Wonderful collage by Geoffery Farmer, 'Leaves of Grass' 2012 made up on images from Life magazine  1935 - 1985.

Susan Hiller's book of song lyrics and jukebox about protest and peace.

And finally these pieces by Roman Ondak entitled 'Observations' 1995/2011 - very funny!

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