Thursday, 16 August 2012

Louisiana Summer 2012

Louisiana is a little town north of Copenhagen. Life in Flashback and I took a train there after the advice of a friend.  He said it had a brilliant contemporary art gallery with a great sculpture garden and amazing views of the sea - and he was right!

The exhibition we saw in particular was Pink Caviar.  Here's the blurb >
Fifty+ artists take over the South Wing and part of the underground Graphics Wing with more than 150 works of new international art. The extensive exhibition adds a long list of new names to the Louisiana collection – names that are not yet familiar to the general public but which in time will be. The exhibition offers a diversity of works and genres, from small drawings to imposing sculp­tures, from photography to installation, from painting to video. But first and foremost it sends a signal about what Louisiana wants to show with a collection which in the future perspective will be more and more interesting to bring into play from hanging to hanging

And here are my highlights from the show.

The brilliant Sophie Calle.

Allen Ruppersberg's 'Big Trouble' 2010

Love Andreas Eriksson, I first saw him last year at the Venice Biennale and here his worked looked just as good.

Sigurdur Gudmundsson's two pieces were very funny! First was 'Conversation' 1970-71..
...second was 'Earth, water' 1974.

Luckily for me there were several pieces by Hans Peter Feldman, LiFB and I particularly loved his '100 Years' photographic work.

Elmgreen and Dragset once again didn't disappoint with their 'Powerless Structure, Fig. 11' 1997 - a diving board for the sea, un-useable due to the pane of glass cutting the board in half.

Yayoi Kusama 'Gleaming Lights of the Soul' 2008 installtion.

A couple of pieces by Simon Evans, again these were very funny.

Then we had a meander into the Sculpture Garden and Lake Garden and this is some of what we saw.

Alexander Calder

Max Ernst

The amazing Janet Cardiff! This time just a sound piece, she was by far my standout artist from my Summer 2012 holiday.  Her walking tour sound piece took us to some hidden/private places in the grounds, I loved this work.

Then in the sculpture garden there were several small sheds/houses/spaces all designed by artists.

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