Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Solely a Shape, James Gill at TROVE

Solely a Shape
James Gill
7th September 2010 6-8pm
Open by appointment until 21st September 2012
TROVE, Newhall Square, Off Newhall Street, Birmingham

West Midlands based artist James Gill is presenting a new body of work at TROVE this September in an exhibition entitled Solely a Shape.

Solely a Shape’s reading starts beyond the official form and function of the objects on display.  The pieces, found in a reclamation yard, reveal a secondary secret function, achieved only be looking at the item as solely a shape, to uncover their hidden personalities.

Gill says “The content of the show is dictated heavily by the individual objects new found identity. This is then enhanced by the fabrication of other objects and materials and the combination of them all in this exhibition.”

Gill’s reimagining of these once functional objects includes using existing furnishing and on-site finds at TROVE to finish his ‘set’.  This unique installation creates a scene that audiences look upon, creating their own narratives and exploring ideas of the secondary function of unused objects.

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