Friday, 24 August 2012

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts part 1

----------the whole is greater than the sum of its parts---------- is curator Sonya Russell-Saunders' final MA project.  This week saw part 1 of this final project, located at The Vaults, while part 2 will be shown next week alongside the MA Visual Artists final show.  
Here's the blurb >

An exploration of human behaviours, roles and rules within an art exhibition.
Situated in a white cube gallery and an offsite subterranean location at different times you the participant are invited to compare and contrast your experience.
Through live art, film projection and participatory practices you are encouraged to break free of your complacency when entering the place known as “the gallery”
At certain times “the gallery” may be quiet, at other times loud, there may be remnants of past activity or something suggestive of future events
Through a series of controlled spaces the viewer is invited to remain alert, to see, listen, think and experience
Featuring the work of
Martin Bardell, Abigail Duffty, Kate Spence, Elena Cassidy-Smith, Ole Hagen and The Hoo-Ha Initiative
curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders

I loved the location of Part 1, underneath The Vaults, this space was enchanting and lent itself perfectly to performance.   My highlight hands down was Kate Spence's intimiate dance/performance piece.  It was funny, sad, uncomfortable and sexy - brilliant! 
Here are some pictures from the evening.

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