Friday, 21 September 2012


Tonight was the launch of INVASION, the latest show by Transient Art.  Held at the amazing AE Harris warehouse it was a mixed bag of 40 artists works with the shows theme being about how each piece was placed in the space. 
Here are my favourite few >

Luke Williams

 Emily Forder

Colette Griffin 

Cathy Wade (this was my favourite is the show) 

Josephine Fairbrother  

Mhairi Vari 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Craig Mulholland in Coventry

Popped into Coventry tonight, with Lamb White, to see the Craig Mulholland show.  It's in 2 parts, firstly at LGP and also at FarGo Space. And this is what it looked like >

Mulholland at LGP

Mulholland at FarGo Space.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Clarke Griffiths Levine Three Week Window

Last Saturday Clarke Griffiths Levine had the opportunity, via Old Joint Stock Theatre, to exhibit in a shop window front on New Street, Birmingham, part of the Three Week Window project.  We decided to re-create our Joint Stock promotional image, here are some pics from the event.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Liverpool Biennial - New Contemporaries

Always a highlight for me at the Biennial is the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.  Also held in the old postal sorting office, here are my 4 favorites from the show >

Freya Douglas-Morris - loved this piece!

Jack Brindley

Anita Delaney's 'Untitled (Ready for a Fight)' 2011 was very funny.

And finally George Eksts short film 'Circumspects'  

Liverpool Biennial - City States

City States is made up of 13 exhibitions by international art galleries/groups.  It was a mixed bunch of work, but the venue outshone.  The old postal sorting office was amazing! Heard that it has now been bought by the University so I'm really looking forward to seeing how this incredible warehouse develops.
Here are some pieces that I liked >

Birmingham : The Magic City

Gdansk - Kama Sokolnicka 

Vilinus 'Black Pillow' - Audris Bucas & Valdas Ozarinskas

Pieces from Incheon : Terra Galaxia

Loved these postcards! Obviously.

Copenhagen : Approaching Journey's  

Liverpool Biennial - CAVE

CAVE are the first commercial art project to ever happen in association with the Liverpool Biennial.  Here's the blurb >
CAVE is an artist led art fair for the city of Liverpool coinciding with the opening of the Liverpool Biennial 2012. Presenting 45 of the UK’s most exciting unrepresented artists whilst taking no commission or exhibition fee from those participating; CAVE is a new model of art fair.

Not only were CAVE lovely to speak to but the artist they showed (all excellent non represented artists) were brilliant, and the selling prices incredibly reasonable. Check out their website for more details.  Here are some of my favourites >

Yelena Popova

James Quin 

Madeline Hall

Rachel Maclean

Rafal Topolewski

Damien Meade 

Mimei Thompsomn

Liverpool Biennial - TATE Liverpool

Then onto TATE Liverpool.  Outside TATE was Doug Aitken's 'The Source' - which I loved, though I found it difficult to hear some of the many interviews with some very interesting creatives. HERE's a link to more info about this project.

So TATEs Liverpool Biennial show was called 'Thresholds' and my stand out pieces were >

Eugenio Dittborn's 'To Return (RTM) Airmail Painting No. 103' - I love love love Dittborn's airmail paintings, was so nice to see another one in the flesh!

Sophie Calle's 'The Hotel Room' series, these are great, she is one of my favourite artists.

Liverpool Biennial - out & about

Here are the 3 'out & about' pieces that I got to see >

The Caravan Gallery  - photographs by Jan Williams & Chris Teasdale of the real Britain
 Loved their postcards of Britain! 

Oded Hirsch's 'The Lift' exploding out from the ground

And Elmgreen & Dragset 's VIP door and bouncer. 

Liverpool Biennial - The Bluecoat

This weekend is the launch of the Liverpool Biennial 2012.  I popped to Liverpool for an afternoon/evening with Elly Clarke yesterday and had a little look at only a hand full of venues.  In total there are 242 artists over 27 venues so trying to get all of it done in a day seems unlikely, but here is a little of what we did see.

First off - The Bluecoat, here were my favourite 2 artists from their show, The Unexpected Guest >

Jakob Kolding

And Sun Xun.