Saturday, 1 September 2012

BCU MA Fine Art

Last night was the BCU MA Final Art final show 2012.  Here are my top picks >

Sophie Bancroft - I loved this large scale painting and look forward to her solo show at TROVE next year
Jordan Aleph's illustrations were lovely.
 Matt Webb - who is one of my The Postcard cartoonists 
 Gian Paolo Cottino - I would happily hang one of these on my wall.
Grace A Williams - never disappoints, she's continuing on and doing her phd at Margaret Street,
Jenni Schuett - I liked this film with the sound, reminded me a little of Lindsay Seers...
 Lauren Cookson - who is the Deutsche Bank Creative and Cultural Practices Award Winner 2012
And finally the second part of Sonya Russell Saunders' exhibition ---the whole is greater than the sum of its parts----- ft. Kate Spence

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