Wednesday, 5 September 2012

last few days of ALLOTMENT

Since January 2012 I have been Associate Producer of ALLOTMENT at mac birmingham.  This 9 month project, of bringing local artists, curators and galleries into mac for a weekly rotation of exhibition in their alloted plots, finally comes to a close this Sunday.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and have loved working with and getting to know all of the people involved in this project.

So here are the plots as they stand in this final week >

Plot #1  TROVE

Plot #2  Dan Auluk

Plot #3 Moonbeams 3

Plot #4 Clarke Gallery

Plot #5 BCU MA Curating

Plot #6 mac staff

Plot #7 Next Generation 

Plot #8 Sparrow+Castice

Plot #9 Helen Foot 

Plot #10 Dialogue

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