Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pop! Bang! Wallop! Pictures!

This weekend was TROVE's 3rd Anniversary - here is a bit of blurb about the occasion and some pictures from the party!

Over the past three years TROVE have worked with 146 local, national and international artists that have created, exhibited and performed as part of TROVEs programme.

TROVE have realised over 36 shows in the wonderful TROVE home, the Old Science Museum, and in offsite projects, with venues including Curzon Street Station, mac birmingham, Edible Eastside, DownStairs Gallery, FarGo, The Burlington Fine Art Club, Coexist and ARC.

TROVE is an independent art gallery who have worked with Fierce Festival, Hereford Photography Festival, Hedge Enquiry, Minnie Weisz Studio, Museum of Lost Heritage, Birmingham Architects Association, Birmingham City Council, Clarke Gallery, Birmingham City University and Crowd 6.

TROVE Birthday cards and gifts by: aas, Sophie Bancroft, Tom Butler, Darrell Buxton, Graham Chorlton, Elly Clarke, Rosie Curtis & Steph Bryant, Anna Francis, Jo Gane, James Gill, Caitlin Griffiths, Anne Guest, Jaime Jackson, Victoria Jenkins, Dominic Johnson, Calum F Kerr, Matthew Krishanu, David Lee, Paul Newman, Maria Mattos, Laura McDermott, Karen Mc Lean, Milk, Two Sugars, Katy Morrison, Bharti Parmar, Sally Payen, Trevor Pitt, Antonio Roberts, Matthew Robinson, Daniel Salisbury, Polly Saunders, Vishwa Shroff, Helen Snell, Viv Sole, Sparrow+Castice, Kate Spence, Jane Tudge, Sam Underwood, Sam Voong, E.Louise Wachler, Cathy Wade, Ed Wakefield, Emmett Walsh, Caroline Wright, Mary Yacoob

With permanent pieces in TROVE by: Vicky Cull, Adrian Johnson, Hannah Kershaw, Alistair Levy, Vishwa Shroff, They Are Here, Zoe Williams and Mary Yacoob

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