TROVE is an independent gallery that I direct in Birmingham, UK.  The blurb goes like this:

TROVE is a contemporary art gallery whose programme rotates month by month. Since its launch in October 2009 TROVE has shown artists from all around the world from all different stages in their careers.
TROVE’s Director, Charlie Levine, says that ‘the programme tries to reflect what is happening now; we never programme further than 6 months in advance to make sure we continue to exhibit current trends and focus on current topics in the contemporary art world as well as work with new up and coming artists. We are also changing direction for 2011, last year focused very much on shows curated by TROVE, however this year we are inviting various other galleries, organizations and curators in to use our amazing space.’

Located in a heritage site, TROVE can be found in the Engine Room of Birmingham’s old Science and Industry Museum, whose collection moved just before 2000 into Millenium Point. Prior to the Museum the site was home to Elkington Silver Factory, the first silver-plating factory in the world. Now re-named as Newhall Square, the gallery is part of an ever evolving part of the Jewellery Quarter just five minutes walk from Birmingham’s city centre.

TROVE would like to thank: Michael Levine, Neville Topping, Pete James, Ben Rackstraw, Kate Spence, Michael Clulee, Minnie Weisz, Matt Price, Morgan Quaintance, Fierce Festival, a.a.s., Sam Smith, Jo Gane, Zoe Williams, Hayley Lock, Jane Ball, Graham Chorlton, Coco Deville, Caitlin Griffiths, Daniel Lehan, Brigid McLeer, Milk,Two Sugars, Paul Newman, Elizabeth Short, Steve Varndell, Adrian Johnson, Victoria Jenkins, Lee Stowers, Luke Williams, David Mackintosh, Kate Farley, Sheldon Nadelman, Matthew Krishanu, Wendy Mayer, Sally Payen, Viv Sole, Jane Tudge, Wang Qingong, Ravi Deepres, Deborah Mingham, Alistair Grant, Stuart Mugridge, Michael Collins, Dave Ruffles, Vicky Cull, Justine Moss, Caroline Collinge, Dominic Johnson and Sheila Ghelani.
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